Steel Beam Lifter ~ Lift The Easy Way




The ultimate steel beam lifter!

This is a safe, easy, and fast way to move and install steel beams from the kerbside in the UK, taking the stress, labour costs, and injury risks out of steel beam handling and installation.

Their expert-operated steel I-beam move and installation service is the only service in the UK that uses the Hooka-tracked mini-handler and DBX-tracked dolly, designed to move and install steel I-beams on sites with restricted access.



For years, builders have had no choice but to work unprofessionally using the traditional, unsafe, makeshift methods of Strongboys and RSJ / box section needling to create open-plan living.

It’s caused a lot of stress, mess, and sleepless nights (before we even mention the homes that have come crashing down) because it’s never been safe, easy, or secure.

Prop Pal products make the job safe, easy and secure – the key elements – for builders to work professionally on domestic and small commercial structural alterations.

Moving Heavy Steel Beams ~ 35A Extension

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