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CCF Invests in Hire-It Service in the North East

To help meet the demand from local building contractors and installers looking for quick and reliable access to tools and equipment on a hire basis, CCF has made the service a permanent fixture in Newcastle.

The Hire-It service, which was first introduced on a trial basis last year, has been well received by building professionals who can now get specialist equipment – from smaller hand tools to larger items like scissor lifts and guardrail systems – on a weekly or daily hire basis.

The leading insulation and building products distributor are now exploring the possibility of expanding the Hire-It service to other areas around Newcastle and the North East.

Leighton Davies, Hire Director, said: “The decision to hire out specialist equipment isn’t a new concept, but it can be difficult for customers to find trusted suppliers like CCF who can offer a huge choice of well maintained, safety assured and top name equipment on a regular basis.

We’ve received excellent feedback from Newcastle and thanks to the area being a hub for construction projects in the UK, we are keen to expand here in the future”.

Jack Best, Tool Hire Manager at CCF Newcastle, said: “The Hire-It service has proven to be really popular with local customers who want to make savings, especially when working on projects which require large or specialist tools that would be impractical or expensive to purchase outright”.

Popular equipment, such as laser level precision instruments for site surveying, dehumidifiers for quick and efficient building drying, to light and heavy-duty breaker equipment, and more, are all available to hire to use across a range of building projects.

For more information about CCF Newcastle and the Hire-It service, visit Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, NE11 0JH or call 0191 491 4992 or visit

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