Dewalt vs Hitachi framing nailer Head-2-Head

Roger visits his friend Malcolm to put the new Hitachi NR1890DBCL up against the established Dewalt DCN692 to see how much of a difference Hitachi’s new air spring drive technology makes to performance.

Features of the new Hitachi NR1890DBCL/JP

The Hitachi NR1890DBCL/JP is powered by a lightweight, rechargeable 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, so there’s no need to replace fuel cells.

A unique air spring drive system that uses the compressed air sealed in the main unit brings various advantages of pneumatic technologies, including:

· Drives 1.5 to 2 nails per sec. with zero ramp-up time and quicker response time between drives
· Offers low-recoil and sets nails flush consistently
· No combustion noise and no gas fumes
· Consistent performance even at low temperatures or high altitudes

Let us know what you think about our Framing Nailer Head-to-head – Dewalt vs Hitachi: A battle of two popular 18V cordless framing nailers.


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