PAROC Hvac Bend AluCoat T

For efficient and fast insulation

To make it easier for builders to design and construct complex HVAC systems, Paroc has developed PAROC Hvac Bend AluCoat T – high-quality, factory produced bends for efficient and fast insulation.

PAROC Hvac Bend AluCoat T is a non-combustible stone wool pipe section bend for thermal and condensation insulation of pipework in buildings and ships. Coming with a prefabricated layer of reinforced aluminium foil facing and tape in the longitudinal seam, the product is designed to prevent condensation and make it easier for installers to fit the insulation to the existing HVAC pipes.

Factory produced bends are ready-to-use to ensure fast and easy fitting. Instead of cutting out individual pieces of pipe sections manually and fitting them back together to every pipe elbow in the installation, installers may use dimensionally accurate, prefabricated insulation components which improve the quality of the pipe insulation.

PAROC Hvac Bend AluCoat T is said to perform just as effectively as straight pipe insulation made with PAROC pipe sections, thus being a fully complementary solution.

Unnecessary heat loss is minimised due to the stone wool’s low thermal conductivity and the fact that no metal support is needed, which leads to further reduction of operational costs.

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