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EasyBuild UK supports County Contractors with their innovative software

County Contractors is a leading refurbishment specialist, specialising in large scale, high
profile projects for over 40 years.

The Somerset-based commercial refurbishment company had an ageing, existing finance
system that was already painfully unstable and unreliable. In order for Country
Contractors to continue running a profitable business and meet new visions the company
knew they needed new efficient tools.

Once County Contractors became aware that the current finance system was no longer fit
for purpose, they went out to market.

County Contractors chose the award-winning EasyBuild ERP software as an all-in-one
solution because it is designed for the construction sector, with an easy-to-use, intuitive

EasyBuild’s ERP Contractors Software helps companies manage and control their
contracting projects by giving complete and instant access to their progress – taking real
time snapshots of how profitable your construction projects are with full analysis of costs,
revenues, liabilities, and surveyor adjustments.

One of the biggest attractions for County Contractors was EasyBuild’s constant focus on
enhancements and developments to the system. If a client suggests a development that
will be helpful to the rest of the EasyBuild community, this can often be added at no
further cost. However, EasyBuild’s talented development team can also create bespoke
functionality for specific clients, which County Contractors have been able to benefit from.

Ian Cook from County Contractors said “EasyBuild is a great company to work with. They
are genuinely interested in how they can help your business and that is rare. As our business
develops, so does the EasyBuild system.”

EasyBuild has been delighted to welcome Ian Cook and his team at County Contractors.
They are a business who know exactly what they were looking for in a fully integrated
ERP solution, and during the sales engagement they were able to articulate their business
processes and how EasyBuild would address the “weaknesses” in their current system.

The relationship between EasyBuild and Country Contractors is a “partnership”, says CEO
Carol Massay. “Ian and his team know what is good for their business and there is no
hesitation in picking up the phone to the EasyBuild team to discuss their requirements”.

Over the last few months, EasyBuild has been looking at further enhancements to their
portfolio of solutions, and Ian has been willing to provide his input and sector knowledge
to the development team as part of this process.

EasyBuild are looking forward to building on the relationship with County Contractors for
many years to come.

“When a customer is happy to provide a review and insight into their experiences, this
means a lot and is a true testimonial for other customers to hear”

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