Building an Extension Part 4 – Brickwork & Insulation

In Part 4 of our series following the building of an extension we cover the brickwork and insulation stage and some points to consider when insulating your home.

In this episode, Roger Bisby explains the benefits of using Rigid thermal PIR insulation, an alternative to mineral wool fibre insulation.

Installing insulation such as PIR board insulation can help make a home warmer and reduce energy costs.

Thanks to its high rate of return per square metre Rigid thermal PIR home insulation can help increase energy efficiency and achieve part-L compliance.

EcoTherm insulation has a lambda value of just 0.021 – 0.027 W/mk. For example: By using a 100 mm thick Eco-Versal board you can achieve a thermal resistance (R value) of 4.55m2K/W.

To achieve the same value with traditional insulation you may require up to 200mm thickness of insulation.

In the case of this project using Ecotherm Insulation Boards has helped the homeowner to significantly exceed the insulation requirements which means they can increase the extension’s glazed area with the addition of large windows and bi-fold doors.

This made this sustainable insulation material the best insulation for their requirements.

As ever this episode of the extension series covers technology, tips and techniques designed to help anyone undertaking building work.

Building an Extension

  • Building a brick pier to support the steel beams
  • Putting in wall ties
  • Cutting a thermalite block with an Irwin block saw
  • How to cut a block with a hammer and bolster
  • Damp proof course going in on the outer skin
  • When and why you need an expansion joint in your brickwork to prevent cracking
  • The insulation installation

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About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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