Evolution rage saw review

Evolution Rage saw review

In this Evolution Rage saw review, Roger Bisby finds a variety of applications for the Evolution Rage 3 sliding mitre saw.

The Evolution Rage range of saws are made in China to a British design and manage to sell across the globe. When you consider the competition this is no mean feat but the Rage saws have some interesting features and benefits not often found on other saws. The other noteworthy thing is the price; they are extremely good value.

The sliding rail mitre saw I was testing is the 10 inch Rage3Plus single bevel. Evolution also sell a double bevel mitre saw but this single bevel saw is a more popular choice. The remarkable feature of this saw is the multi-purpose TCT blade which cuts metal and wood with ease. If you cut through metal the saw still performs well on timber which is not the case with a nail biter blade. The Evolution blade achieves this dual role by limiting the depth of cut of each tooth. In between each tooth is a depth stop so the blade can only chip tiny pieces of the wood or metal. It follows that the saw blade won’t cut as fast as a dedicated wood blade but you can also buy a blade for wood.

The motor on this saw is geared to provide a lot of torque rather than high speed and that relatively low speed means the blade is less likely to over-heat. You can also fit a diamond blade for cutting tiles. I was originally thinking about ceramic wall and floor tiles but these days those tiles are so huge that they wouldn’t fit under this saw. It was then pointed out to me that tiles can also mean roof tiles and for this it is ideal. If you hook it up to a dust extractor you can cut mitres for hips and valleys with a great deal of ease. It makes a lot of sense to use this kind of saw rather than an angle grinder and I wouldn’t mind betting that you can speed the job up no end. Once you set the angle you can call down the long measurement to your mate on the scaffolding and get a real production line going.

The unsung hero of this saw is the optional folding stand. It is compact, and being made from tubular steel it is heavy but it is also incredibly sturdy. Even with the chunky square extending arms pulled out it is still rock-solid. If you are looking for a new stand for your existing saw this is well worth a look.

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