Evolution RAGE3-S 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw REVIEW

In this latest product review Roger Bisby looks at the Evolution RAGE3-S 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw which is said to to cut steel, aluminium & wood with one saw and one blade.

These are the claims for the Evolution RAGE3-S 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw. See Roger put these claims to the test.

  • Multipurpose cutting
    Using patented professional RAGE® technology; the Evolution RAGE3-S 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw easily cuts Steel, Aluminium, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade. Features a hi-torque gearbox, which reduces motor stresses, improving performance and durability.
  • Virtully no sparks
    Advanced performance. When cutting Steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks – unlike alternative methods.
  • Slide action for cutting
    Compound tilt and slide mechanism, for long angled cuts, offers a solution to almost all common applications. See the Evolution Mitre Saw Cutting Guide.
  • Laser guided accuracy
    Laser guidance for optimum accuracy. Other features include a robust outer casing which enhances durability on even the most demanding metallic applications. Supplied with Multipurpose Blade, Top Clamp and Manual.
  • Sliding tile cutter
    The 255mm Diamond Blade transforms this Mitre Saw into a sliding tile cutter; ideal for roof tiles. Sold separately.

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Georgina Bisby
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