Fein SuperCut 18v winner announced

Earlier this month Skill Builder teamed up with FEIN to give you the chance to win a SuperCut 18V with 2 x 5Ah batteries as tested by Roger Bisby.

The winner has now been announced in the video above.

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About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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  1. Great product and really well presented as usual Rodger

    • I just found him and I’m glad I did. Great videos and I’m in the process of buys myself what tools I can. Do any of you suggest Milwaukee? As far as price and performance go?

  2. Hello Roger,
    Your youtube channel is great, and I wanted to say this is great review.
    Honestly I didn’t know that Bosch and FEIN’s multitool heads are interchangeable, and the star-lock looks solid. I think we’ll be seeing more star-locks on other manufacturer’s multi-tools in time as well, I think that’s a great idea.

    If I get a change to test one out in the near future I definitely will… I use a dewalt and it vibrates the heck out’a my hands, I tend to only use it in short bursts.

    Again, great review…. and good to see a Canadian company’s tools being showcased… good stuff all around!

  3. One of the tools that I definitely need to add to my toolbox, I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get one.

  4. Great give away project Rodger 🙂
    Specially not just for UK or EU is awesome and I appreciate that 🙂
    Awesome chance for your subscribers!
    Nice greeting from Taiwan

  5. Thanks Roger, love the videos. I hope JSP look after you, i have put loads of lads onto their Force 8 masks and it’s all because of you.

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