Festool KS 120 Kapex ~ Love at First Sight

Festool KS 120 REB KAPEX ▶ https://bit.ly/2QNsCRF

Dan Cox ▶ https://www.essential-carpenter-tools.co.uk

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Guides left, guides right. Even where others only pretend to do so. With spherical bushings on both sides to offer a double layer of protection in terms of keeping the carriage precisely on course across extra-large columns. Double-sealed for an extremely long service life, always exact and with zero play.

• Twin-column guide with two bearings for unique precision
• Dual-line laser for an accurate indication of the cutting line
• Fine adjustment of the saw blade angle accurate to the millimetre from the front of the machine
• Special cutting position for cutting depths up to 120 mm
• FastFix saw blade changing for adaptation to the working material
• Twin-column guide for accurate cuts
• Precision angle transfer via bevel and dual-line laser
• Compact, lightweight design for convenient transportation
• Safety brake

Achieve ideal results more quickly:
Perfect seating from the very first cut thanks to exact marking of the cutting width via dual-line lasers and precision adjustment for angled cuts accurate to the millimetre

Convenient and safe:
Does not take up much space and never gets in the way, thanks to its compact design with no protruding guide rods

Innovative down to the finest detail:
No need to change saw blades and no set-up time thanks to the extra mitre position for expanding from a cutting depth of 88 mm to up to a maximum cutting depth of 120 mm

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