Ford Transit security: The problems & some solutions

As tool thefts from vans soar across the nation and there is increasing unrest among tradespeople whose livelihoods depend on their tools, Skill Builder returns to Sussex Installations to find out more about the specific issues associated with Ford Transits and find out what can be done about them.

The problems associated with Ford Transits are well known with the vans thought to be the most broken in to and the most stolen vans in the UK. It’s a sorry state of affairs and so far the van manufacturers are seriously failing their customers when it comes to van security.

We would like to see van manufacturers prioritise van security and we would like to see the police take these crimes more seriously. We are hopeful that tools may become easier to trace and more difficult to steal thanks to smart technology and we are hopeful that inventions like Smart Water might make a difference.

However in the mean time tradespeople need to work and sleep at night so we went in search of someone who could help us upgrade our security and Sussex Installation seemed to have the most comprehensive security upgrade offering in our area.

Take a look at these upgrades with the knowledgable Jeff Scott and feel free to share your own tips and recommendations for companies who can help in your area.

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