Forticrete Low Pitch Roof Window System

Looking for low pitch roofing options? Roger takes a look at the Forticrete roofing solution for roof windows with a pitch as low as a 10º and gives a helping hand with the installation.

Before now, the minimum pitch for most roof window installations has been 15°, and even at that pitch problems can occur. Homeowners want a lower pitch roof to enable them to extend their property as far as they can – particularly with the relaxed planning regulations.

Conventional roof windows and flashing kits work by discharging water up and over the face of the tiles. At lower pitches, water does not run off so quickly and tends to pool and lead to water ingress. The Forticrete Low Pitch Roof Window System solves this with a two-piece tray drainage flow, which collects any water which runs under the tiles and disperses it across the trays, over the fascia and into the gutter in a controlled manner.

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