gloves for cold weather

Can your hands cope in the cold?

So what’s it like to work in the cold with freezing hands? Well, as you may know, it’s not pleasant.

Everything you do is that bit harder and it can be extremely dangerous. With cold hands and fingers, you are more likely to fumble with numb fingers, which is not only dangerous to yourself but also to others.

Gloves for cold weather

The TraffiGlove range of Thermic gloves can prevent you from the harsh winter bite and are also water resistant. Whilst offering excellent dexterity for use in wet and dry conditions, the range protects workers from cold and wet hands, to reduce the risk of being susceptible to HAVS (Hand-arm vibration syndrome), which occurs when circulation is reduced while operating power tools. To understand more about HAVS, see:

TraffiGlove offer a product, which can be worn inside any other of their products, in order to provide that extra warmth required. TG105 TraffiTherm glove liner has ‘Thermalite Yarns’, which is ideal for working in exceptionally wet and cold conditions. This would be perfect to be combined with the TG180, which is a fully coated water resistant glove.

Find out more about TraffiGlove’s gloves for cold weather: gloves for cold weather:

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