Grubs boots review

These boots were made for working: Grubs boots review

Not usually a “wellies man”, Roger Bisby is pleasantly surprised by the new Grubs boots. The only issue he seems likely to have is keeping hold of them.

If  a family has been making footwear since 1776  you can safely assume they have worked out how to do it. The Foster family has not only produced an impressive number of  inventions such as running spikes and cricket boots but two of the family went off to form Reebok.

They also made some of the world’s first football boots, a pair of which scored the winning goal in the FA cup final. If I give you the name Nat Lofthouse you might be able to tell me the team and the year.  There is lots more in the family history to feed your pub quiz but in this article we are looking at one of their modern day inventions.

These Grub’s Ceramic 5 boots are 100% waterproof and as warm as toast. They have a ceramic toe cap rather than a steel. The first pair of boots that were dispatched to me walked away on their own or, to be more accurate, with the help of some light fingered villan. Somewhere, somebody is enjoying the luxury of a pair of thermal lined Grub’s I only hope they appreciate the pedigree of the product.

I am not generally a wellies man, because I like good control over my feet, but these boots are a very good fit on me and having tried them on in the good weather I was looking forward to giving them a good wearing in this winter but now I will need to keep them under lock and key because they seem to be coveted by many. My daughter’s boyfriend dropped by the other day and his antenna picked up on them immediately. Unfortunately he has the same size feet as me so he tried them on.

“These are just the job for fishing” he said.

“Keep your hands off we have already lost one pair, beside these have special ceramic  toe caps”.

“Ceramic? I’ve heard of steel what is the ceramic about? ”

“It provides protection but saves you from electric shocks if you happen to come in contact with a mains cable”

I managed to head him off from taking the Ceramics but looking at the Grub’s website I see that they do have some superb boots for fishing so I now know what to get him for Christmas, a pair of Grubs without the steel toe caps but still with the extra grip soles for those wet slippery muddy banks and of course the warmth that keeps you warm even down to minus 10 degs cent. That is good for any boots let alone wellies.

For my part I am destined to start some extensive groundworks in January which will give them plenty to get their teeth into. Funny to think that I am actually looking forward to it. Good wellies get you like that, we all remember  tramping in the puddles as kids and marvelling at the fact our feet stayed dry, if indeed they did. It was not a given with cheap kids wellies and it isn’t with many adults wellies. but these are the the biz.


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