Heating a kitchen with a Smith’s Space Saver kickspace heater

In this installation video Roger Bisby demonstrates a great product for anyone looking for heating ideas that save space and money. The key is that the Smith’s Space Saver heater runs off the existing central heating.

You’re probably wondering how this tiny little heater is going to heat a kitchen, and you’re almost certainly thinking it’s an electric fan heater — but it isn’t.

This heater connects to the existing central heating system and works just like a radiator in that it comes on and off with the timer settings/controls.

A hydronic plinth heater this product is made up of a heat exchanger (like the radiator in your car), a small fan and some controls.  The hot water from your heating system passes through the copper pipe and heat from the water is transferred to the aluminium fins.  The fan draws in cooler air; this is heated as it passes over the aluminium fins and the warmed air is pushed into the kitchen. That simple!


About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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