HiKOKI 36V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder

Roger checks out the HiKOKI G3612DA Brushless 36V Angle Grinder and looks at how to use a grinder.

The New G3612DA Brushless Grinder from HiKOKI is a compact cordless grinder that when combined with HiKOKI’s extremely efficient 18v / 36v li-ion batteries, becomes as powerful as a standard AC powered machine, accepting 115mm diameter discs with a 22mm bore, the powerful brushless DC motor produces a max 9500rpm no-load speed.

The massive power in this machine is safely contained with a number of safety features such as the electronic brake that will stop the wheel in under 2 seconds, Kickback Protection System, Anti-Restart Protection, Soft Start, and solid construction that is dust and water-resistant.

At 2.8Kg the G3612DA is incredibly light and it has the smallest grip circumference in its class at 190mm around the motor and only 146mm at its narrowest.

A 5 stage variable speed system gives you complete control but, if you dont have time to fiddle with settings, just flick on Auto Mode and the machine will change between 5,500rpm and 9,500rpm depending on load.

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