Hilti DSH 600 Cut-off Saw for Concrete, Metal & Masonry

Hilti Nuron Cordless Platform: https://bit.ly/3mS5iSu

DSH 600-22 cut off saw:
🛠 https://hilti.to/DSH600-22

SR 4-22 handheld recip:
🛠 https://hilti.to/SR4-22

TE 2000-22 breaker:
🛠 https://hilti.to/TE2000-22

VC 10-22 vac:
🛠 https://hilti.to/VC10

DWP 15-22 water tank:
🛠 https://hilti.to/DWP15-22

AG 6D-22 angle grinder:
🛠 https://hilti.to/AG6D-22

TE 4-22:
🛠 https://hilti.to/TE4-22

🛠 https://hilti.to/TE_DRS

🛠 https://hilti.to/nuron_batteries

🛠 https://hilti.to/charger

FEATURES for the Hilti cordless DSH 600-22 #2343243

• Battery-powered cut-off saw for heavy-duty tasks – DSH 600-22 gets the same work done as a 60cc petrol cut-off saw, but without the fumes, noise, extra maintenance and fuel mix issues

• Long trigger time – you can cut as much concrete with two sets of B 22-170 batteries as with one full tank of petrol thanks to the combination of smarter, more efficient Nuron batteries and cordless-optimised blades

• Lower running costs – no fuel to buy or mix; less maintenance, and up to double the lifespan of a petrol saw thanks to a brushless electric motor

• Improved safety features – fume-free, quieter, lower-vibration cutting, and a fast-acting blade brake (approx. 4 seconds)

• Better maneuverability – weighing just 8.9 kg (or 12.2 kg including two B 22-170 batteries and a 300 mm blade), this cut off saw is engineered for comfortable handling during all-day cutting

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