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Boundary is a next-generation smart alarm. Design your own system. No surveys. No contracts.

Tough security standards

Boundary is the only smart alarm in the UK undergoing testing to meet UK and European alarm standards BS EN 50131. Boundary will then be known as a ‘graded’ system – Grade 2. (Grades 3 and 4 are typically reserved for banks.) Graded systems minimise false alarms and provide a higher standard of security. All without the need for hard wiring. Certification pending.

False alarms

The true test of any intruder alarm is how smart it is at telling the difference between real danger and a false alarm. Car lights, insects, gusts of air can all play havoc with lesser systems. Boundary sensors have been tested to the limit so your patience doesn’t have to be.

Simple to use

Clunky, hard to use systems don’t get used, rendering them pointless. Having the Boundary app on your phone gives you all the information you’ll ever need is in one easy to view place. Add users, change permissions. Arm and disarm. You’re in full control. More precision. More protection.

What if power is cut?

If an intruder cuts your power, the hub has a 12-hour back-up battery and will remain operational. If they also hack through your phone lines, they’ll be foiled again. The Boundary hub is available with optional cellular back-up. If your wi-fi is flakey, or cut, the hub will switch to mobile signal to contact the alarm receiving centre (ARC) and the police. (Police response available spring 2022)


Boundary sensors communicate with the Hub securely using Z-wave not wi-fi. It’s world-class wireless technology optimised for smart home technology.

All your data is end-to-end encrypted to protect against known criminal tricks like ‘Replay’ or ‘Man in the Middle’ attacks on your system.

Get a 45% discount with the Skill Builder discount code.


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