How to: Lay floor levelling compound

Further to popular demand on Skill Builder’s YouTube channel, in this video Roger Bisby provides an indepth guide that shows how to lay floor levelling compound in association with Bostik.

The first point Roger makes is that these are floor levelling compounds and not screeds, a screed is something that’s put down on top of concrete to form a level base and sometimes if that screed isn’t completely smooth a floor levelling compound is laid over the top. Floor levelling compounds can also be used on existing floors if they’re uneven or they’ve dropped when they can be used to level the floor out or if you’re trying to raise two floors to the same level, for example when one room has been knocked through to another. Floor levelling compounds can also be used on timber floors as demonstrated in this video.


About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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