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Product review: Husqvarna Diamond Blade

Every diamond blade manufacturer claims to have a blade that cuts everything but we all know that no blade can be optomised for best performance in all materials. If it performs well on one material it will perform less well on another. Usually the division is between hard and soft and Husqvarna has acknowledged that fact in giving you the choice of  a blade that is optomised for hard and one for soft and one in the middle that will cut both hard and soft but not as well as a specialist blade.

That said they have a very interesting ( I think unique) design feature that makes their new Varicut blade stand out from the crowd. If you look closely at the teeth you will see that one has segments and the next one has smoother edges. The idea is that the segments increase the speed by clearing  the material and straight edge teeth are made to increase the life by cutting the material but not clearing it. In essence you are talking about an idea that has it’s origons in chainsaw teeth where you have a cutting tooth followed by a raker. The fact that Huqvarna make chainsaws may have something to do with this line of thought but it may equally have nothing to do with it. What is apparent is that the blade cuts well, not only on their K70 saw but also on other petrol cut-off saws.

We have had the blade out on site for a few weeks now and it is doing well. Interestingly the guys are telling me that it isn’t quite as fast as the blade they have been using but it cuts well and seems to resist wearing. It is a hard job to persuade them to use a little water on the blade which would help keep down the dust and cool it but that is a common problem among operators, nobody it seems wants the mess of a wet slurry around the cutting area but I have found that the tiniest spray of water is sufficient to damp down the dust and stop it flying.  It would help if  Husqvarna could make their water delivery systems run from a pump on the saw rather than relying on hand pumping bottles the pump could then run when the blade is turning and not when it is standing still.

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