See the brand new Hilti TE-YX Hammer Drill Bits

Roger joins Stephen Parish, Hilti’s product manager for Inserts to find out more about the Hilti TE-YX Hammer Drill Bits said to be faster, lighter and better than other inserts.

Hilti says the new Hilti TE-YX SDS-Max hammer drill bit is the most productive solution for reinforced concrete drilling, offering the longest lifetime with unmatched drilling speeds in concrete and rebar.

If you’re drilling large diameters in reinforced concrete, you’ll know hitting rebar can be a real jam.

In fact, about two-thirds of actual drilling time is spent hitting and trying to get through rebar. This can take even longer if the bit catches or sticks, especially when drilling large diameter holes.

For serial drilling applications this hitting, catching and jamming in rebar can create a domino effect of lost time and risk of injury, potentially delaying work down the line. That’s why Hilti has developed the new TE-YX bit with 6-cutting edges and re-designed our 4-cutter bit to chew through rebar in no time.

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