Keyfix Cavity Tray – Solving the Non-combustible Challenge

Roger demonstrates the Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray System.


Keyfix is setting new standards in the delivery of Non-combustible Cavity Tray Systems for projects requiring Document B compliance in buildings utilising steel frame systems in the external cavity.

The innovative non-combustible A1 fire rated Cavity Tray system is a practical solution to provide DPC protection over lintels, masonry supports, soffit systems and other elements in the cavity such as fire barriers.

• Self-supporting
• Integral Stop Ends
• Bond / coursing adjustability
• No sealants required
• Available for all cavity configurations

1. Classified A1 Fire Rated
Manufactured using only Class A1 Non-combustible Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel ensures a lifespan of 125+ years for the entire system. For coastal locations, Grade 316 austenitic stainless steel should be specified to ensure compliance with relevant British Standards and Warranty Provider requirements.

2. Rigid Self Support
The unique design of the Keyfix NCCT enables the stainless steel tray to be self-supporting across the cavity and requires no support from the internal structure, eliminating clashes with other components. Standard trays can be used to protect varying cavity widths from 50mm+.

3. Requires no Sealants or Mastics
The Keyfix NCCT is the only Cavity Tray of its type on the market with a mechanical dry seal at joints. The patented ribbed joint overlap eliminates the use of any sealants at joints which removes the possibility of installation errors caused by onsite conditions.

4. Integral Stop Ends
The Keyfix NCCT incorporates integral Stop Ends on each tray to ensure water is trapped and channelled outwards via the Keyfix NCW (Non-combustible Weep). The integral Stop Ends facilitate perp joint width adjustability of +/- 3mm between 7-13mm if required.

5. No Thermal Bridge
Completely self-supporting, the Keyfix NCCT is installed in the outer leaf with no connection whatsoever with the inner skin and therefore does not create a thermal bridge or differential movement issues.

6. Onsite Simplicity
The modular system incorporating integral Stop Ends, Non-combustible Weeps, and prefabricated external and internal corner trays with ribbed joints provide bond /coursing adjustability and removes the need for onsite fabrication. Detailed component schedules and location plans ensure easy planning and ordering with stock available quickly via our extensive distribution network.

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