Klauke and Bosch tools

Klauke and Bosch tools get same battery

Bosch is joining forces with Klauke to deliver high-performance 18 V batteries for all of Klauke’s Next Generation battery-operated hydraulic pressing and cutting tools. These batteries will have a running time of 2.0 or 5.0 Ah depending on the model.

They are part of the Bosch Flexible Power System and are compatible with all of Bosch’s professional cordless tools and chargers in the 18 V class.

The joint partnership will give professionals access to over 30 different types of Klauke tools which are powered by a Bosch battery. This will be of benefit to electricians and tradespeople working on sanitation and heating systems, for example, whose work requires not only Bosch power tools such as cordless screwdrivers, hammer drills and saber saws, but Klauke special tools as well. Using the same battery and the GAL 1880 CV Professional quick charger for both brands, they can now swap the battery between Klauke and Bosch tools quickly and easily. This results in increased versatility and productivity.

These Bosch batteries have a higher capacity than the previous batteries, and they are capable of providing all the power and endurance needed when pressing and cutting with Klauke Next Generation tools. When manufacturing electronic cable connections with duct-laid cable lugs, for example, extrusion can be carried out over a pressing area of up to 630 mm2 and with a force of up to 135 Kilonewtons, depending on the material and the application. These types of applications require high-performance batteries with a long run time – this is where 5.0 Ah batteries from Bosch come in. Another benefit is that thanks to the quick charger supplied, the batteries can be charged back up to 80 percent in just 35 minutes.

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  1. Hello.
    Yes i also noticed that. Good for some more variety/compatibility!

    However the small print in the current advertisings reveals that the new tools can also still be have had with Makita 18v LXT Battery/Interface!

    (The older Klauke 18V Akku-Tools actually only had Makita Batteries!)

    It really is time for a common/open/shared Interface on cordless Power Tools!!
    The EU should/could pull this through, like with the common Micro-USB Charge interface on Mobile-/Smart-Phones she enforced!
    But i’ll doubt it, with the lobby-power of the large companies – each trying to protect their segregated share…


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