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Jeff shows us the Ford Transit Custom (2012-On) Side Load Door External Repair Shield.

The problem?

With a lot of Ford Transit Custom owners now upgrading their vans with deadlocks, hi-security drivers door locks & loom guards, a lot of theft can now be prevented. This is good news for the Ford Transit and Transit Custom owners as the once easy drivers door attacks & front door loom attacks are becoming less frequent. But the problem has now migrated to direct attacks on the side load doors of the Ford Transit Custom Vans.

The solution!

The Shield by Sussex Installations gives you a good cost-effective repair solution if you have a hole in the near-side load door of your Ford Transit Custom van and/or to make your Ford Transit Custom van more secure against this type of hole through the door attack in the future. Made from high corrosion resistant grade stainless steel and designed by Sussex Installations, it matches the body styling of your Ford Transit Custom van. The shield comes complete with a gasket, stainless steel nuts, stainless steel washers and a fitting instruction document.

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