Makita WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench 12v

Makita Expands CXT Range with 12v WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench

Makita’s new cordless ratchet wrench is a versatile, compact and lightweight tool suitable for use across a wide range of applications and ideal for accessing tight spaces. With a number of innovative features included, the WR100DZ has been designed to ensure optimum efficiency and operator productivity.

The WR100DZ ratchet wrench utilises Makita’s CXT Compact eXtreme Technology (CXT), making this an ultra-compact and lightweight (1.0kg-1.2kg) machine, suitable for extended use. The inclusion of a LED job light meant that the WR100DZ can light up the project space and aid working in restricted, dark spaces, maximising productivity. The wrench can be used across a number of applications, including automotive, manufacturing, building, HVAC and fabrication.

For ease of operation, the WR100DZ includes a variable speed trigger to easily control the speed and a trigger lock which prevents the trigger from being accidentally pulled, which also improves operator safety by preventing the tool from being accidentally turned on. The locking position also enables operation as a hand ratchet, when the motor is not engaged, so the operator can run-up the nut using the machine without overtightening and then add that final bit of tension by hand.

The WR100DZ is supplied with two socket adaptors (6.35mm square drive and 9.5mm square drive), that can be removed to convert the tool into a pass-through ratchet wrench. This is ideal for tightening 13mm nuts onto long threaded bolts, such as a threaded rod. The WR100DZ also includes a reversing lever, which ensures the tool can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita said: “The WR100DZ has been designed with ease of operation in mind; the inclusion of CXT means its compact, lightweight design improves handling in tight spaces and overhead applications and enables operators to use the tool for extended periods of time with minimal fatigue and with maximum control.”

The WR100DZ is a 12Vmax machine with a no-load speed of 0-800rpm and maximum fastening torque of 47.5Nm. The tool produces vibration of 2.5m/s2 and sound pressure level of 74 dB(A).

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