Makita DPB183Z LXT Range

Makita Expands LXT Range With Two New Band Saws

Makita has expanded its LXT Range of cordless tools with the launch of the DPB183Z and DPB184Z Brushless Portable Band Saws.

The DPB183Z and DPB184Z offer the high-power and flexibility needed to tackle a wide range of metal-cutting tasks and are ideal for professional tradespeople working across sectors such as electrical, plumbing and metal fabrication.

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The compact and lightweight design of the DPB183Z and DPB184Z (the DPB183Z weighs just 3.3kg and the DPB184Z weighs 3.6kg) makes them easy to manoeuvre around tight working spaces. Angled specifically for comfort, the DPB183Z and DPB184Z’s ergonomic handle design has been engineered to ensure ease of use in both horizontal and vertical operation, making these machines incredibly versatile. For stable and secure cutting, both machines include durable, lightweight aluminium housings, with an optional grip handle for even greater control.

Makita DPB184

The DPB183Z and DPB184Z benefit from Makita’s variable speed control, which allows operators to select the ideal cutting speed for each application simply by adjusting the dial. Constant speed control also provides stable and secure cutting, as the blade speed is maintained.

The twin LED job light with pre-glow function aids operators to accurately position the blade on the cutting line, for a straight, accurate cut. This is also ensured by the adjustable blade tracking, that can be repositioned simply by turning the screw located on the tools’ housing with the hex wrench provided.

Makita DPB183

Matt Chilton, Product Manager – Tools at Makita explains more: “The DPB183Z and DPB184Z both benefit from Makita’s brushless motor. With no carbon brushes in the motor causing friction, wear and tear is minimised. And, as no energy is lost through heat production, the DPB183Z and DPB184Z can continue to work for longer, maximising on-site productivity. Operators can also select blade speeds of 0 – 3.2 m/s, meaning cutting is fast and efficient.”

The DPB183Z can cut round pipe up to Ø66mm and square pipe up to 66x66mm, and the DPB184Z can cut round pipe up to Ø51mm and square pipe up to 51x51mm. The adjustable stopper plate means that both models can safely cut various sized materials and can easily cut close to walls and ceilings.

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