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Breakthrough at Metabo: The New SDS-Max Hammers with Brushless Technology

  • Powerful brushless motors now also in the mains-powered area for quick work progress during demolition and drilling applications
  • Extremely long service life of the machines, guaranteed with an uncompromising three-year warranty
  • Double vibration protection for best protection of health

Nürtingen, May 2019: Extreme demolition applications require an extreme amount of power. The new SDS-max combination and chipping hammers from Metabo fulfil this requirement with powerful brushless motors and optimised hammer impact mechanisms.

Thanks to this, the Metabo hammers have at present the fastest drill speed and best material removal on the market. However, that is not all: With double vibration protection and effective dust extraction, the new SDS-max hammers make the difficult applications significantly more comfortable. A six-metre-long cable also ensures maximum freedom on the construction site.

Full speed ahead

The new SDS-max combination hammers KHEV in the 5 kilo, 8 kilo and 11 kilo class are, just like the new SDS-max chipping hammers MHEV in the 5 and 11-kilo class, are all of equipped with powerful and robust brushless motors.

“Brushless motors have greater efficiency, longer service life and require less maintenance”, explains Jörg Stoschus, manager of the competence centre “building trade” at Metabo. In connection with specially optimised high-performance hammer action systems, the new SDS-max hammers thus have a higher drill speed and high material removal.

The brushless electronics ensure constant working speed when under load, the speed and impact rates can also be reduced by the operator depending on the application. Impact mechanisms and motors of the hammers are built in robust die-cast aluminium housings.

Therefore they have an even longer service life and are effectively protected against the harsh environment that they operate. The Nürtingen company assures the service life with an uncompromising three-year warranty that also includes wear and tear parts.

Always a firm grip

“SDS-max hammers are used every day for different drilling and demolition applications. They must do the job in a fast and powerful manner, and not make the already tiring work even more difficult with strong vibrations”, says Stoschus.

With the new SDS-max combination hammers KHEV 5-40 BL, 8-45 BL and 11-52 BL, as well as the chipping hammers MHEV 5 BL and 11 BL the vibrations are dampened in two ways: On the one hand, handle and motor-gear combination are decoupled from each other.

On the other hand, an impact-absorbing counter-oscillating mass reduces the vibrations. “This special anti-vibration system effectively counteracts the high forces that are inevitably generated when working with the machines”, explains Stoschus.

“Spring-mounted weights reduce the vibrations without having a negative influence on the machine performance. Subsequently, the user is exposed to fewer vibrations and can work for longer with the hammer.“

Effective dust extraction as a system

Apart from vibrations, there is something else that makes working difficult: Dust. Hammer drilling or chiselling in concrete, masonry or stone is generally anything else but a clean matter.

“An effective dust extraction does not only protect the user’s health, but it is also prescribed in many locations by trade associations or organisations”, says Stoschus. The dust extraction set ESA max, compatible with the new SDS-max hammers, can be used for different hammer drill and chiselling applications with different drill bits and chisel bits.

The installation is easy and possible without tools. ESA max is compatible with all new Metabo SDS-max hammers since 2018 and all Metabo M and H vacuum cleaners. Drill bits and chisel bits can be exchanged without removing the extraction system.

Powerful together

The right accessories are also taken care of: “In the SDS-max area, Metabo covers the entire range of accessories – from basic accessories to premium quality”, says product manager Alexandra Haas.

The new SDS-max Pro4 Premium drill bit with its unique full carbide head with four cutting edges is particularly robust and durable, even when drilling in reinforced concrete. The strong welded connection between the steel body and full carbide head ensures an extremely high resistance to load and heat.

“This makes the SDS-max Pro4 Premium drill bit 50% more durable and 35% faster than the current market standard”, says Haas. The sharp 90-degree centring point drills precisely and sturdily into the material. The drill bit covers all standard applications with diameters of 16 to 28 millimetres.

For bores of 12 to 52 millimetres in concrete, masonry and natural stone, the proven SDS-max Pro4 hammer drill bit is also suited with a powerful full carbide S-cutting edge as well as drill active centring point.

In the entry-level segment, the new four-cutting edges drill bit SDS-max Classic with 16 to 40mm drill diameter is the right choice. “We also offer all chisels and core bits”, says Haas. With accessories, machine and dust extraction you will get an all-round powerful system that meets a maximum of power and service life.

Metabo SDS 2

Hammer performance: The new SDS-max combination hammers KHEV in the 5, 8 and 11-kilo class, just like the new SDS-max chipping hammers MEV in the 5 and 11-kilo class, are all equipped with powerful and robust brushless motors.

With its high-performance hammer action, the new SDS-max hammers make even difficult demolition and drilling applications easy. The vibrations are dampened in two ways by means of a decoupled handle and an impact-absorbing counter-oscillating mass.

Metabo SDS 3

The ESA max dust extraction system compatible with the new SDS-max hammers can be used for different hammer drilling and chiselling applications.

Metabo SDS 4

An all-round powerful system – the new SDS-max hammers from Metabo impress with performance, high-quality accessories and an effective dust extraction system.

About Metabo

Metabowerke GmbH in Nürtingen is a traditional manufacturer of powertools for professional users from the core target groups of metal trade and industry as well as building trade and renovation.

Metabo stands for very powerful cordless tools and is the leading supplier in the battery pack sector with its LiHD technology. In this way, Metabo has turned its vision of the cordless construction site into reality.

Under the brand name Metabo, the full-range supplier provides machines and accessories for all standard applications, but also competence products and system solutions for special requirements.

Founded in 1924 in the Swabian town of Nürtingen, Metabo today is a medium-sized company which also produces also in Shanghai, China, in addition to its headquarters in Nürtingen. 25 subsidiary sales companies and more than 100 importers ensure international presence.

More than 2,000 people work for Metabo worldwide, and in 2017 they have generated a turnover of 467 million euros.

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