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Mexco simplifies blade selection

I have written many articles on diamond blades over the years explaining how each type of blade works and the enduring message is that there is still no such thing as one blade that is optimised for all tasks.  As much as you might try we recognise that there is a lot of information to hold in your head when you go to buy a new blade or core bit. It is also a lot to ask of the merchant or tool outlet to provide in depth details on each and every blade. Diamond Blade specialist Mexco recognised that there was a real need for good clear information at the point of sale on what the blades in their range do. They have produced  a merchandiser that holds all the key blades in their range with easy to follow information beside each row and under each blade. In essence they have managed to reproduce several pages of their catalogue in a single vertical display.

The impact on sales has been remarkable. The independent merchant I visited, (William Way of Godstone)  told me that sales had more than doubled but more importantly they are not getting returns from people who would previously have bought a  blade only to find out it didn’t do what they wanted it to. With more blades going out of the door and none coming back the merchant can now view diamond blades and core bits  as a hassle free sale, which was not always the case.  In fact the display has been so effective that customers are not even bothering to look at any alternative brands. Builders and plumbers seem very happy to have a merchandiser unit that  answers the questions they might not even have thought to ask and to be able to make their choice in a fraction of the time it would previously have needed.

Since the launch of the Builders’ merchants stand Mexco has now added a plumbers version which is being rolled out through plumbers’ merchants. Obviously the focus for plumbers is more on core bits but plumbers also need smaller blades for 100mm angle grinder. The smaller blades come as continuous rim for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles to the segmented bade which is useful for cutting in roof tiles around soil stacks and boiler flues. All that seems to be missing from Mexco is the ‘I’ but you can bet your life that plumbers and builders all across the country will ask for Mexico blades. In fact to that end I typed it in on Google and up came Mexco scrolling down a bit I also found a selection of very gruesome looking knives.

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