Mouldy Shower Cured For Good

Dryzone Mould Remover and Prevention Kit

The definitive long-term solution to mould with dual-action mould remover & sanitiser spray.

About Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit

Tired of cleaning the same mouldy corner again and again?

Standard household cleaners can often just hide the symptoms or even encourage regrowth. Dryzone dual-action Mould Treatment Pack immediately cleans the mould and protects from further infestation by destroying the mould organism and spores.

Part 1. Fast Acting Mould Remover – Astonishing visual results in less than three minutes. Dryzone Mould Eliminator is a highly effective, bleach-based cleaner designed to remove mould and mildew from walls, ceilings, floors and other household surfaces within minutes.

Part 2. Long-term fungicidal protection, Biostatic effect – Dryzone Mould Sanitiser is a biocidal solution designed to kill mould spores, sterilize the area and prevent regrowth on treated surfaces. Periodic application is advised to keep bathroom, kitchen and household surfaces mould-free.

Easy to use – Treat mould-affected surfaces in under 30 minutes with little to no scrubbing, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Use Part 1 to remove the mould, rinse or wipe away, then apply Part 2. Leave the Sanitiser to work for at least 1 hour for maximum effect before rinsing.

Kit components: 2 x Dryzone Mould Eliminator 500ml, 1 x Dryzone 100 Mould Sanitiser 500 ml, 1 x Microfibre cloth, 1 x Pair of protective rubber gloves.

For damp and condensation issues, see the other products in the Dryzone range or call Safeguard for a free consultation.

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