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Origin simplifies online ordering

British manufacturer of bi-folding doors and windows, Origin, has launched an online quoting and ordering system to help trade partners to quote and order products from the company’s Origin Home range with ease, accuracy and efficiency.

Origin’s Sale Safe (OSS) system, which is said to be the first system of its kind, was built in house to improve the ease and speed of ordering, as well as minimising the risk of any costly mistakes. By simplifying the overall ordering process, Origin’s trade customers will be able to save time with admin, turning around orders in record time and increasing overall productivity and sales pipeline.

Simplifying the quotation process

OSS is different from existing systems as it allows users to build whole customer projects, rather than quoting on individual products. This means that all the information on each customer is kept in one place, removing the need to have multiple orders and quotes pertaining to one customer. An unlimited number of doors and windows can be added, edited or removed at any time. Therefore, if a returning customer is undertaking another building project, their preferences would already be saved, removing the need to search and re-enter this information.

As a time saving feature, OSS offers the option for users to work from a popular configuration, which is based on the user’s order history, or alternatively, to build a project from scratch. Working from popular orders means that in its most basic form, customers could retrieve quotes simply by choosing the size and configuration.

Another key feature of OSS is its intelligent cascade system. This means that should a customer want to change an overall project preference, such as colour, OSS can push through this change to all products. This removes the need go in and edit every single product to accommodate this change.

Once a quote has been generated, a bespoke quote template, branded for the user and built by Origin, can be downloaded and printed for the customer to keep.

The flexibility of Origin’s manufacturing schedule also enables customers who use Sale Safe to make changes right until the order has been made.

Ensuring accuracy and precision

When making changes to a quote, OSS has an intelligent amendment system that highlights the changes that have been made from the previous revision to the latest. This reduces the amount of checking required, limiting the opportunity for human error at the quotation stage. Once an order has been placed, the Origin team checks each and every order, to further eliminate room for error.

Quoting and ordering instantly

OSS streamlines the ordering process significantly, allowing costs to be retrieved instantly and orders to be placed on the spot, if required. OSS also gives users the option of ordering in batches to meet the customer’s deadline and budget requirements.


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