Plunge Saw Showdown – Review of Top 10 Best Saws

Our plunge cut track saw comparison test of the big players. Robin & Roger take the top plunge-cut saws from Bosch, Dewalt, Erbauer, Festool, Mafell, Makita and Triton to see which one has the power and features of a champion.

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The full reviews of each plunge cut track saw are listed below.

Bosch GKT 55 GCE –
DeWalt DCS520 XR –
Erbauer ERB690CSW –
Festool TS 55 REQ –
Festool TSC 55 REB –
Mafell MT55 CC –
Mafell MT55 18M BL –
Makita DSP600ZJ –
Makita SP6000J –
Triton TTS 1400 –

About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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