Protect Against Dampness in Walls with Drybase

Roger is plastering a cellar wall and adds some extra damp proofing with Drybase from Safeguard.

Drybase Flex

A watertight low-profile sheet membrane for protection against dampness in walls without the need to drill and install plugs.

The membrane is a 1.5 mm thick flexible polypropylene sheet with a fleeced surface on both sides.

The two fleeces ensure good adhesion to the wall by means of Drybase Flex Adhesive, as well as the direct application of plaster to the face.

Drybase Flex Adhesive

Drybase Flex Adhesive is a polymer modified cement-based product used to fix Drybase Flex Membrane to walls.

It is supplied in powder form ready to be mixed with water, and applied using a suitable trowel.

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