Removing Mortar Between Bricks with Morta Sortas

How to remove the mortar between bricks the easy way with Morta Sortas Diamond Coated Mortar Rake and Crosshead TCT Tipped Masonry Drill.

The 45mm long 8mm diameter high concentration diamond coated router has its diamond segment vacuum brazed to the shaft with a tough hard-wearing tungsten carbide bond for excellent durability.

The Morta Sortas diamond-coated mortar rake will work in harder mortars, whereas the regular carbide rakes will almost certainly fail.

Removing Mortar Quickly

The fact that this screws directly onto a standard M14 angle grinder spindle makes life even easier so you can get to work straight away.

This new spec Morta Sorta bit now comes complete with a premium quality crosshead TCT double fluted masonry drill to pilot the initial hole in the mortar.

The Mortar Sorta router is run through the mortar joints and best used in conjunction with a suitable guide plate.

Please note, this 8mm rake is the size to use in an industry-standard 10mm joint.

UK buyers can get one from Amazon:

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