safety barrier

Heavy duty safety barrier

The Oxford Plastics Strong Wall Heavy Duty plastic Pedestrian
 Safety Barrier is a robust and stable
 barrier system which is designed to meet the demands of
 providing safe access for pedestrians through 
construction works.

The barrier comes with an 18kg base which ensures that
 the barrier is stable in windy conditions.

Strongwall features include:

• Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks
• Heavy recycled base of 18kg – standard colour black
• Top section is supplied in orange
• High density (HD) moulded top section can be water filled,
  which will add a further 15kg
• Designed for compact stacking to provide low
  transport costs
• Anti-tamper linking system – prevents
  unauthorised dismantle
• Can be personalised with corporate colour and logo
  as standard
• Recycled and 100% recyclable
• Designed and manufactured in the UK
• Performs well in windy conditions.

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