climate control workwear

On-site climate control workwear

A change of season means a change of focus on what you wear on site and Snickers wants to help you keep your cool when the heat is on. 

From staying warm and dry, Snickers advises thinking about staying cool and dry and looking for working clothes that excel at ventilation and moisture transport to keep you working comfortably wherever you are on site.

With this in mind the workwear specialist has incorporated 37.5 Technology fabric into its garments. It’s very quick-drying material that captures and releases moisture vapour – like your sweat – for superior coolness and dry working comfort.

For the spring and summer months, Snickers has a range of shirts, jackets, shorts and trousers including Mechanical Air Flow features which are breathable openings in the garments and stretch mesh fabric for inside leg ventilation.

To make sure you get the right protection, flexibility, durability and ventilation, check out the Snickers Workwear product families for precisely the right garments to fit your workday.

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