Body mapping workwear

Stay warm on site with body mapping workwear

A change of season means a change of focus on what you wear on site.

With this in mind, Snickers FLEXIWork, RUFFWork, LITEWork and ALLROUND Workwear is said to ensure you keep your cool when the heat is on or stay warm and comfortable when the temperature drops.

Interweaving 37.5 Technology fabric into Snickers’ working clothes means that you’ve got a wide choice of waterproof and windproof jackets, mid-layer fleeces and stretch hoodies.

There are also base-layer undergarments, gloves and headgear that excel at ventilation and moisture transportation to keep you working comfortably wherever you are on site.

“So, to make sure you get the right protection, flexibility, durability and ventilation, check out the newest workwear in our latest Autumn Brochure for precisely the right garments to fit your workday,” suggests Snickers.

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