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Has Building Control Lost Control?

One of Margaret Thatcher’s less noticeable privatisations was Building Control. It didn’t really have the headline catching qualities of gas or water and there was no bonanza for those lucky enough to buy shares in what was essentially a lottery. Nevertheless, it has had similar deep routed unintended consequences for those it affects. Many people in the building industry could …

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Is Off-site Construction the Future?

Is Off-site Construction the Future of Construction

What is off-site construction? Off-site construction is the completion of elements or components for a structure at another location in a factory environment. Sometimes these components are assembled before being delivered to site. The off-site construction factories can either be permanent factories or ‘flying’ factories. ‘Flying’ factories are temporary facilities set up for a specific project and then moved once …

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Building an Extension #10 – Soffits & Roof Underlay

Part 10 of our extension series sees Roger & Robin up on the roof to deal with the soffits, breather membranes and a few other bits to take us up to roof tiles. We also show you how to install Klober Permo Forte Vapour Permeable Roofing Felt. With 25% of heat loss traditionally being through the roof, it is essential …

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