Building an Extension #10 – Soffits & Roof Underlay

Part 10 of our extension series sees Roger & Robin up on the roof to deal with the roof underlay and soffits, breather membranes and a few other bits to take us up to roof tiles.

We also show you how to install Klober Permo Forte Vapour Permeable Roofing Felt.

With 25% of heat loss traditionally being through the roof, it is essential to use products which both reduce this figure whilst providing adequate levels of ventilation.

Klober offers a range of high-quality, high performing roofing underlays, wall membranes and vapour control layers/barriers.

When used in conjunction with our adhesive tapes these will form airtight areas within the roof, substantially reducing heat loss.

A range of sealing products is available: Permo TR universal tape for sealing laps and repairing tears, Tacto double-sided sealing tape, Easy-form stretchable tape and Pasto sealant for sealing holes in underlays where nails have penetrated.

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