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How to Unblock Your Sink – Pro Tip

How to Unblock Your Sink

Grab your plungers, it’s time to unblock that clogged sink using the old-fashioned way. Unblocking a kitchen sink with a plunger might possibly be the simplest video we have ever made, but it works a treat. #plumbing #DIY #plunger

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How to Cut & Connect PVC Waste Pipe – Plumbing DIY

How to Cut & Connect PVC Waste Pipe

Do you want to know how to cut, join, slice and solvent weld PVC waste pipe? Roger is back at Redhill Plumbing to give you a tutorial on how to cut plastic pipe and the tools you can use to get the job done. Roger uses the following tools: Rothenberger Plastic Pipe Slice – https://rothenberger.com Toolstation PVC Pipe Cutter – …

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Why is There a Nasty Smell? ASB #7

Why is There a Nasty Smell?

Send us your pictures and videos: https://skill-builder.uk/send This is the Kieren Messenger episode. He sneaks two questions into this edition of ASB and sends some lovely video clips showing his huge problem in the extension of the Messenger household. Ali P has a huge amount of questions on doing a full renovation in his house. Leo Carswell has a neglected …

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