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Rant – Rising Damp Strikes Again (or does it?)

Rising Damp Strikes Again (or does it?)

Time for another rant! Roger comes across another example of rising damp and cannot figure out why or how so many intelligent people are rising damp deniers.

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Is There No Such Thing as Rising Damp?

No Such Thing as Rising Damp

The anti-rising damp brigade is lead by a couple of gurus, who tell us there's no such thing as rising damp, are deaf to any argument but their own.

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Damp and mould problems leaving UK tenants living in squalid conditions

Damp and mould problems

Research conducted by housing charity Shelter has revealed that hundreds of renters – including those living in bigger, urban areas – are living in slum-like conditions due to damp, mould, infestation and electrical issues. The report, from Shelter and YouGov, took statements from 300 tenants across the Manchester region. The majority expressed concern about ongoing struggles with damp and mould …

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The damp conundrum

Keep dry

I have always been a sucker for a challenge. If someone tells me that they have a problem that nobody has been able to fix, I am there. Rising damp is not usually baffling but rising damp in a third floor flat is. Yes I do mean rising damp and not penetrating damp, the proof being that some of it …

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