The Cladman One Man Cladding Device

Roger Bisby meets James Gibbons, from Sitebuddyz, suppliers of a device called the Cladman which turns the job of putting up sidings or claddings from a two man job into a one man job.

With one person cutting and one person fixing, Sitbuddyz estimates you can complete jobs at three times the speed it normally takes.

Acting as a second pair of hands the Cladman supports the boards leaving the hands free for fixing, while maintaining consistent overlapping accuracy, right up to the soffit.

The sprung loaded rubber roller offers easy manipulation of the boards into position, preventing slipping thereby avoiding possible damage.

The Cladman accommodates board widths of 125-225mm, and a thickness range of 8-38mm. The overlap required can be set anywhere between 5 – 85mm, ideal for aligning board edges with window and door reveals. Setting the board overlap requirement is quick and simple and once set will not vary during use.

With lightweight construction, steel reinforced joints, each Cladman weighs just 0.9kg yet will support heavier cladding with ease. The incorporated spirit level adds an easy visual check on board alignment during installation.


About Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is an English television presenter and journalist, known for his expertise in the British building industry.

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