The Easy Way to Damp Proof Your Basement or Cellar

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Roger shows us his favourite method for damp proofing a basement or cellar.

Oldroyd Membranes and Accessories

The Oldroyd range of Cavity Drainage Membranes are manufactured in Norway under an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management system.

They are produced from high-strength polypropylene using a special, temperature-controlled manufacturing process.

This results in an exceptionally straight, tough membrane which does not suffer from the “banana-ing” and “rucking” which cause problems when installing other cavity drainage membranes.

Multi-layer Technology

All Oldroyd membranes are produced using Oldroyd’s multi-layer technology technique which increases membrane strength and, in many cases, allows the use of 49 – 70% recycled plastic with no loss in performance.

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