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Database Launched to Help Assess Thermal Bridging

Advanced Details is an online database providing builders and architects with a comprehensive selection of construction details complete with thermal bridging performance.

Addressing thermal bridging in a design is one of the easiest ways to improve its Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) score, the methodology used by the Government to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings.

Thermal Bridging Tackled

The Advanced Details database allows users to input their thermal bridging performance into certification software such as SAP or PHPP in less than an hour.

Using typical details from the Advanced Details database users have been said to have seen improvements of over 15% in the Design Emmission Rate of CO2 for a standard 2 bedroom house, equivalent to thousands of pounds spent on renewables, all without changes to the built design.

Advanced Details is working with independent manufacturers whose building systems and products can help minimise thermal bridges in buildings.

The website allows users to create multiple live projects and share these with the design team. Once finished, the site provides the user with a report containing the calculation results and specified products for the contractor to sign off.

Advanced Details also offers a full thermal bridging calculation service from £200 per detail.

Advanced Details is currently providing full access to the database completely free until June 2016.

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