This is Why Heat Pumps May NOT Be The Future

Heat pumps explained. Roger rants about air source heat pump disadvantages, the green homes grant, types of heat pumps and asks are heat pumps worth it?

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Dylan Garton is a cofounder of Skill Builder and freelance video producer, camera operator and video editor.

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  1. I have long enjoyed Roger’s Rants but for me his latest heat pump rant was a bit hollow. In this he mentions Scandinavia sucessful use of heat pumps then dismissing that as loads of insulation. I built a pair of semi-detached cottages (2011) which we installed ASHPs (one in each)mainly to get the “points” required for Building Regs. I have all the figures for the last ten years which have come up to expectation. I would also take him to task on noise levels, which is unobtrusive. Yes well insulated, which was again required by BRs.
    No doubt that as a retro fit without serious upgrading of insulation they would fail to deliver the goods.
    The lack of balance in Roger’s rant brought forth all the usual experts(?) deriding heat pumps probably never fitted one. There is no doubt that grant aid handled by polititians and civil servents will mostly be wasted and end up inflating the installed cost.
    Now do I remember Roger (many years ago) questioning the longevity of condensing boilers, which was forced upon consumers? What is Roger’s experience of these boilers since their introduction?
    Albert Plumb

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