Unwanted tools to help change lives in Africa

Unwanted Tools to Help Change Lives – Tools for Africa

Following the launch of RGB Building Supplies’ Tools for Africa appeal in January, the builders merchant is thanking trades and the community for helping to donate 15 bulk bags full of preloved tools which have been passed to South West-based charity Amigos.

Amigos works closely with another UK charity called Work Aid, which will now refurbish the donated items before sending them to Africa. The tools will be used by young people so they can learn construction skills and help lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

For the past 13 years the charity has provided vocational learning opportunities at Kira Farm Development Centre in Uganda where young people can spend a year acquiring life-changing skills. This includes training in carpentry and building techniques, with 98% of the graduates going on to full-time employment or starting their own business.

Phil Pugsley, Chief Executive at Amigos, said:

“Winston Churchill once said, ‘give us the tools, and we will finish the job’. It’s no good Amigos training a young Ugandan in carpentry and building if they have no access to the tools needed to put their newfound skills into practice. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has gone above and beyond by turning out their sheds and garages, and to RGB for once again allowing their outlets to be collection centres. Together, we are equipping precious young people with the skills and the tools to transform their lives – thank you.”

Kevin Fenlon, CEO of RGB, added:

“We launched our appeal before lockdown was put in place, so we’re delighted we’ve been able to bring it to a successful close. Amigos does fantastic work in helping young people learn a trade and gain employment and this is the second time we’ve worked with the charity. By simply donating some unused tools, the kind-hearted people in our area have really helped to change the lives of young people in Africa.”

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a cofounder of Skill Builder and freelance video producer, camera operator and video editor.


  1. Dear Sir/ madam,
    We are a nongovernmental organisation operating in different parts of
    Zambia (Ndola) through fellowship and skills training to orphans/
    young woman/ single mothers youths and OVCs are a priority target
    group. Women and girls are more likely to be poor and it’s passed on
    to their children than their male counterpart. In zambia rural areas,
    chronic and extreme poverty are accentuated by social norms and laws.
    Women and girls bear a double burden: unpaid domestic work and work
    outside the household. They have limited access to resources
    restricting them to sectors where earnings are low and uncertainty is
    high. In extremely poor areas, where traveling distances to water
    sources, schools, health centres and roads are long, women and girls
    are more likely to be subject to violence and insecurity, which often
    results in school drop outs or poor health, therefore drastically
    reducing their chances escaping poverty. Our main work is to encourage
    and support OVCs, woman and their families who have been affected by
    domestic violence and neglect. We teach women to generate income
    through teaching them skills. Our main objective is to Support their
    small projects.
    1. Teach women to read and write, empowering them to take control
    2. Give them livestock and training to increase their sense of self-reliance.
    3. Reduce their vulnerability to domestic violence and neglect.
    4. Encourage women to become business owners. i.e. Cooking, weaving,
    sawing and small scale farming. We at church mission feel that these
    programs will make a positive long-term impact in their lives.
    we kindly ask your organisation to help us donate to us a grant
    /machines and other tools so that we can help mothers youths
    disabilities and a save life. You are welcome to come to Zambia and
    visit smiles again initiative to see the good work we are giving to
    these communities and how it has a positive impact in their life in a
    positive manner.
    To finalize our request send us a latest information, guidelines and
    application forms to be considered, as soon as we receive guidelines
    well put things in to action immediately in light of supporting
    prisoners for healthier and bright future.
    We shall appreciate an agent message indicating your ability and
    willingness to handle this assistance and our heart are very
    overwhelmed about your assistance and looking forward to some good
    time together in our country Zambia.
    Awaiting to hear from your quick response.
    As I said fell free to contact me if you need any information About
    Our Church and School: +260971106535 +260965484141.

    Joseph Muhone

  2. We’re Fishers of men children outreach in Zambia looking for your support with tools and equipment

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