V-TUF Cheap Wet & Dry M-Class Dust Extractor

V-TUF M Class Dust Vacuum Cleaner.

Protect your health, protect your Vacuum, be compliant and do your job effectively.

Enjoy the ergonomics and robust reliability of the V-TUF M dust extraction vacuum which helps you tackle dust at the source. Connect it to your power tool with the universal adaptor or sweep up with the dustless sweep kit for a dust free environment.

M Class is the minimum legal requirement for construction sites. Unrated vacuum cleaners are extremely dangerous because dust passes through the motor and is pumped back into the air remaining airborne for up to 8 hours.

More than 500 people die every year in the UK because of this problem. Needless to say, this dust also damages your vacuum motor. The V-TUF M offers you affordable compliance and protection from common dust related health issues.

It comes complete with a Universal Power Tool Adaptor and 32mm Accessories Kit. Suited to extracting Construction Dust from industrial worksites.

Also extracting dust particles from Sanding, Drilling, Demolition, Cutting, Sweeping and Grinding. Comes with Handle, Hose, Bag, Filter, 3 Metre Hose, Crevice tool and brush, Power tool adaptor, Floor sweep head, Carpet head and Complete handle (2 x straight extensions + 1 x Elbow).

Cable Length: 5 metres
Motor Power: 800W
Voltage: 50/60Hz
Air Flow: 205 M3/H
Tank Size: 15 litres
Dimensions: D: 360mm / W: 340mm / H: 420mm
Filtration: M CLASS
Noise (dB9A): 76
Net Weight: 6 kg

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