V12 Puma IGS Work Boots Review

V12 Puma IGS Work Boots Review

Roger tries out a pair of V12 Puma IGS.

These boots certainly turn heads, I lost count of the number of people who said they liked them but all the time I was thinking that the wow factor would soon disappear as they got thrashed and trashed and ended up looking like just another pair of workboots.

If you really can’t bear this sense of loss you can buy these boots in brown or black but for me it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Price and value
I always think that you get what you pay for with work boots and shoes but I was really surprised to find that, although these boots feel like luxury footwear, the price is more down to earth.

I can’t quote exact prices because that tends to upset the retailers, but if you look them up you will see what I mean. They are, in my book, good value.


No two pairs of feet are the same so I am prepared to accept that the last (former) used to make these boots may not be exactly the shape of your foot so they may feel different to you but I wore these boots all day long with no hint of fatigue.

The impact absorbing insole and the softer material now used on the sole and heel make for a really comfortable ride.

The metal-free toecaps have all the impact resistance of steel without the weight or the attraction to airport security scans or magnetism.

The Intelligent Grip Sole and heel has a hex honeycomb pattern to disperse water because research shows that most slips are caused by wet surfaces.

The outside of the sole has a ladder grip for working at height.

The angled heel strike also helps impact absorption and contributes to slip resistance.

It is amazing just how much research goes into making a pair of V12 boots and to the casual observer this technology is eclipsed by those good looks.

I suppose that is the essence of good design and the hallmark of a classy product.


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