How Secure is Your Van? – The Truth & Solutions

Skill Builder shares some essential information about van security and takes a look at the shocking vulnerabilities of the Ford Transit.

In this video, we visit Sussex Installations to get the ultimate low-down on van security and make Roger’s Vauxhall Vivaro more theft-proof.

After a recent break-in Roger was reassured to be able to upgrade the security on his van but ultimately we believe you shouldn’t have to.

Like many in the industry, we feel strongly that more needs to be done to prevent van break-ins and to help tradespeople protect their livelihoods.

We are baffled as to why van manufacturers aren’t prioritising van security? What we really need is a safe on wheels and most of us would be happy to forego other features if a van manufacturer could supply this.

Stronger punishment for perpetrators of tool thefts would also help – to this end carpenter Mark Riley has created a petition calling for greater penalties. Sign it here:

We would love to hear your stories about van theft and any tips you have to counter the issue.

Visit Sussex Installations:

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Dylan Garton is a cofounder of Skill Builder and freelance video producer, camera operator and video editor.

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