Vlog – HSE Figures Show Fatalities on the Rise

The annual HSE statistics report for work-related deaths for the 2018 to 2019 period shows a rise in the number of work-related deaths.

Between April 2018 and March 2019, 147 workers died from work-related injuries, 6 more deaths than the previous year.

Breakdown of the HSE Fatality Figures

The 3 industries with the highest number of fatal injuries

Agriculture, forestry and fishing – 32 fatalities
Construction – 30 fatalities
Manufacturing – 26 fatalities

The most common type of work-related fatalities

Falls from height – 40 fatalities
Struck by a moving vehicle – 30 fatalities
Struck by moving object – 16 fatalities
Contact with moving machinery – 14 fatalities
Trapped by something overturning or collapsing – 11 fatalities

The different accident types include:

Injured by an animal – 8 fatalities
Drowning or asphyxiation – 5 fatalities
Exposed to explosion – 5 fatalities
Contact with electricity – 4 fatalities

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