The What Knot – Secure ropes without tying knots

In this latest video from Skill Builder Georgina Bisby provides a demonstration of the What Knot, a device that connects ropes easily and safely without the need to tie knots.

The What Knot from Just Right Products allows you to tie ropes in seconds with a simple twist and untie with the press of a button and twist. The device can be used to tie and unfasten almost any rope with a thickness between 3 mm to 15 mm.

What Knot can be placed at any point along the length of good quality rope, connecting and disconnecting in just six seconds. Users can place and adjust it to the nearest millimetre simply and quickly. It’s completely waterproof, so will never rust or rot, and it’s impervious to the sun’s rays.

The What Knot has numerous applications in the building industry including being used to anchor ladders safely in place when used in conjunction with rope and anchor bolts.

The makers of the What Knot are offering a discount to Skill Builder viewers for a limited time, visit: and use the code SKILLBUILD15.

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Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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